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The Lava Report

Xterra Duathlon Snow Valley

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Gary and Carla McMurtrey and their whole team from Inland Inferno put on the one of the best races in California. They offer the longer tri race, the shorter race, trail run races and the off road biathlon. Biathlon like mid 80's biathlon: Run/bike/run. Only this is off road. At 7500' elevation.

Thanks to all the crew, volunteers, new friend Paul Hubbell  (dude built like a tank on the left) who made it one heck of a fun and challenging day. He and I battled from start to finish.

Great to see long endurance/athlete/guru Paul Romero today also. You rocked it. Jodi rocked it. The Carnahans rocked it. Jeff Henley rocked it. John Skelton won his division. Anyone and everyone who did this monster of a course rocked it today. 

The McMurtreys put a huge amount of love and effort into this event (the awards must have taken a week each to make).Because that's who they are and what they are all about. Only wish it was more common these days..