About Us

Dave Ruby

  • Education: 1984 - B.S. Kinesiology / Excercise Science, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Certifications: 1996 - Certified Massage Therapist, Big Island Academy of Massage (580 hours)
  • Experience: 25++ years.
  • Passions: Being the best I can be. As a human being. As a husband. As a health practitioner. As a friend. As an athlete.
  • Interests: Running. Cycling. Swimming. Surfing. Staying  fit to race anything. Anywhere. Anytime. Traveling the world participating in all. Soaking in the local culture and making new friends along the way. Inviting those new foreign friends and accommodating them in our home. As most had done for us.
  • A few racing accomplishments: Traveled the world competing in Ironman Triathlon distances. Seven beautiful different countries. Multiple Ironman World Championship qualified (Hawaii) and competed. Competing in Xterra off road triathlon since it's inception in the 90's. With regional, national and world championship titles. Xterra division wins across the country in the big boy comps of: Southwest Championships. Midwest Championships. Mountain Championships and Southeast Championships. Xterra Canada and Xterra Mexico 1st place as well. Perennial USA Team All American status yearly. Stoked as ever. Refuse to slow down (much) : )

Jodi Ruby

  • Education: M.A. Health Cal State Los Angeles B.S. Nursing Azusa Pacific University
  • Certifications: Massage Therapist. Personal trainer and coach.
  • Experience: 25+ years.
  • Passions: Being of service to others in need. Assisting those to a full life of health and well being the best I possibly can. Sharing and wearing my wealth of knowldge in health to any and all.
  • Interests:  Traveling, seeing the world and racing the globe with my husband.
  • Some racing accomplishments: Six time qualified and Kona competed Ironman World Championship competitor.
  • Ironman personal record time: 10:39:41 1st place division wins in several.
  • Ironman distance victories: Canada, Utah, New Zealand, Arizona. Kona win on the bucket list.
  • 70.3 wins: Buffalo Springs, Texas St. Croix Vineman Wildflower Avid Xterra competitor since 1999 with one age group World Champion title.