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Ironman coming up for Jodi

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Banged out well over a half dozen races out of the gates so far in 2013. Mountain bike races. Some Xterra off road tri's and a handful of road tri's. But as I as I have always said: There is no better training than racing itself. It's just another training day with that 10% extra effort. And we love to train. Hard. In the heat (5 hour day today in 105 degree furnace like air). On the most challenging terrain we can find around here. And we have some the best. The gnarlier the climbing the better.Yep a little nuts. Maybe a screw loose. Or maybe we just like going fast no matter what the conditions.

Jodi has Ironman Canada in Whistler coming up. It is an inaugural. I think she may hold a course record for her age group from this Ironman when it was in Penticton, B.C. That was five years ago. She is now in a new and older age group. And she is faster and stronger than before. That's pretty cool. Yep. I think she will rock Whistler. We have been training big, long, hard and in the heat. Why? Because that is what we do. Makes most any race course almost feel tame.(with exception of Kona and Maui) we do not wish to upset Pele'. :)