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Xterra Renegade report!!

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IMG 1554 - CopyBeen wrestling with the new computer, the new website, the new blog, and last Saturday @ Xterra Renegade I had to wrestle with a few previous and recent Xterra World Champion age groupers in my division: Tom Monica current WC in Xterra. And Bruce Wilson: Previous.

I was very stoked with finishing up second between these two guys whom each have big engines. Toms swim is freakish. As in Phelps fast. Bruce has a huge engine when riding. Having had the fastest run by two minutes I closed the gap on Bruce he edging me out by 44 seconds. One more hilly mile would have been nice! This race by far gets me more stoked compared to the two sand bagging wins recently in the road tri's. Bruce and Tom are multiple Xterra World Champions. I have raced it sporadically these past 10 years after having won it in 2001 (World Champ Title AND got married there the day before)!.  These two guys keep going and dominating. With huge foreign contingency showing up at that. But I am all over it come October. No I am all over beginning last Saturday. A darn near two hour off road gnarley race: 44 seconds off first. Hmmmmm. I can make that up. And going to have fun doing it. It does not guarantee me anything. Others could appear out of the woodworks and have their day in Hawaii. But safe to say: Some of the fastest 55 year old Xterra competitors are still all from California..I mixed it up with two of them last Saturday. Maui in October Xterra World Championships,   No Ka 'Oi...........!!!  : )