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The Lava Report

Xterra Portland 8-3-18

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0074509-ZF-0411-40510-1-0020075175-ZF-0411-40510-1-005Jetted up to the Pacific Northwest for what I expected: Some gnarley PNW rocky,rooty, slippery single track. Yes the boys  are known as some very talented technical riders in the  upper northwest. MWO 1128-ZF-0411-40510-1-003 And I witnessed it. No local shop rental this race as I took my newly built hardtail up. A little rear travel would have been nice now in retrospect but not complaining. I rode a bit over my head at times and that was needed if I wanted to stay in contention. Two guys in my age group passed me about 3/4's through course and honestly lost them kinda quick with the up-down/snake single track/ up down some more type of course. Again: I was riding a tad over my comfort or talent zone. Clipped my crank arm on roots more than once. And I am that not used to the drop off's where I Holy Mary'd and just leaned back. I seen some going over their bars, sorry for them but happy I was not. 

Came into run transition and knew at least 2 were ahead of me. But also knew could be more. I caught and passed one at  near 5K mark. Then with about 1 mile to go seen the other lime green kit that passed  me on bike ahead about a 1/4 mile. Having what little paved road we had on the course I figured now's the time and only time. Picked up pace well above lactate threshold and caught up to him and just ast on heels trying to recover some.I was thinking: Way cool. Game on. My kick is usually strong............Not this day. Spent myself catching him and he had a little left. I couldn't answer or I should say my legs were not answering. Finished 2nd. 17 seconds back from 1st. Made for another great day of racing. Swim held in Henry Hagg Lake. The USA's deepest man made lake. Cool. Beautiful. But that deepest thing did spook me a bit.   : )       And quite the treat finishing on the cold water 50' water slide as seen here. My Xterra racing score now: 2 firsts. One 2nd. Let's see what upcoming Xterra Alaska brings............hopefully wildlife and great racing.