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The Lava Report

Xterra Alaska 7/14/2018

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b2ap3 icon xterramauiprepack009Simply off the hook experience venturing far up in our country. Beautiful land, beautiful wildlife and a great typical Xterra challenging race. Single track rocky, rooty, slippery and wet the name of the game up yonder in those woods. Swim was near 20 degrees colder than our California ocean summer temps but that's what wetsuits are made for. Just back to blogging having lost several due to server problems losing many but have to say been a very busy racing year!!! 1st time blogging from IPhone hope it flys. And really hope can access photos because Alaska, Xterra Oahu and Xterra Big Island all pics taken with this phone. No doubt some good ones, especially the wildlife.

Xterra Hammerman Alaska stats: 1st place. Yay   : )  tough course. Loved it.