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Wai Kekoa Water Warrior Competition

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I love the Marine Base of Camp Pendleton. Love everything about it. Top of the list is the beauty of it. So expansive.  We have open access to train, surf, and enter the half dozen or so of exceptional events they provide on it. This weekend was the Wai Kekoa (Water Warrior) competition which supplied a huge dish of tasty stuff. The one mile swim with obstacles spread out over it. The 5K obtacle run which  Jodi placed first female. Several SUP events. And my favorite: The Surf Expression Surf Contest. This old salty dude won that. Never grow up. Stay stoked. Leave the beach cleaner than you arrived. Be thankful.  Speaking of: Thank you United States Marines of Camp Pendleton. Great show you guys put on (along with protecting our country)!IMG 2254IMG 2274IMG 2240IMG 2239