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Thank you Molly of Zoot Sports!

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So took the fellow Sebatian we homestayed for the week of L.A. Tri race down to Zoot Sports in Carlsbad for a visit for himself as he wanted that over Disneyland (and no chance in heck I was going there).  Molly Kline of Zoot handed me a  "VIP" coupon while @ their HQ visit to order some shoes on line. And @ 50% off I pulled the trigger. (did not know discount amount 'til checkout so was on the fence til then) I love their racing flats and have used them through the years.

 Thank you Molly!

    This is Jodi @ Ironman CDA this last June. That is her in the Zoot wetsuit. 11th out of the water in division. She prepared well for the chilly and hilly 112 miles on the bike and entered run transition in 2nd place. Then caught the leader @ mile 12 and continued to enter a different zip code qualifying for Kona once again. Ironman Boulder coming up for her. Always exciting.IMG 1885 2IMG 1856IMG 18392