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The Lava Report

St. Croix. St. George. Mothers day

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Just got in late last night from Ironman 70.3 St. Croix. Great trip. Exhausting travel. Exhausting race. Always surprises and always interesting experiences. I dug deep on the run and came out 2nd in division. Results and splits have me 5th off the bike. I knew there were at least a handful in front of me as our racks were division separated. Entering transition on my rented aluminum Giant Defy road bike there a handful of  very fast looking aero TT looking bikes already on my rack. My thoughts (other than damn that bike course was hard) were I ain't standing on no awards podium tonight. Nuh uh. Not a freakin chance. And all my doing. I chose not to travel with my personal bike (which by no means guarantees anything different) So I racked bike and ran. And ran.  And ran. And cramped. And  ran.  Into 2nd place by the finish. which I did not know until results were up. They did not body mark our ages on our calves and everyone I passed (and I got passed as well) pretty much looked fit and young(er). But obviously a few old salts as myself were in that mix.    This race is now one of my most treasured races ever. And I've got 30 years of racing in this sport.


It is now Jodi's weekend and she is headed for St. George 70.3 tomorrow for her race. It is also mothers day Sunday. After an absolute heroic performance on Jodi's part (her mother as well) as she dealt with her moms slow and life taking f'ing cancer, a few short  months after her passing, while sitting on the beach after Xterra World's this last October on Maui, Jodi shared with me she had brought her moms ashes along. She was not sure where to spread them. We had been seeing one particular Honu  while swimming near shore right out front of our room on a daily basis and it just felt so aloha. And right. Decision made.

I ran up and rented a surfboard, grabbed my 35mm and off Jodi paddled. It could not have been any more beautiful. She has tried to surf in the past and you best stay out of her way as the board seems to usually take control. Yet at this time she looked and paddled as though she grew up on one. When Jodi came to shore with tears in her eyes, it was not from just the spreading of her moms ashes, but that AND  seeing our friend the Honu (sea turtle) swimming along with her as she did so. Could not get any more special than that. We then seen the beautiful Loggerhead many x's after. Seemingly swimming right along with us at times.

Happy Mothers Day to our wonderful two moms. Missing them and loving them is something that just does not and most likely ever totally disappear. And similar to triathlon for myself: Been nearly 30 years.IMG 1081IMG 1074IMG 1082IMG 1067IMG 1071