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Speedway Racing: The pit crew and mechanics

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Raced at Industry Speedway again last night. Was not difficult but came to the conclusion the sports triathlon and speedway have zero, zilch, nada, nothing in common. For one and there are many, if you receive ANY outside assistance on a triathlon course you are disqualified. That means you could have detonated 90% into an Ironman race, flat on your back due to no blood sugar and if accept even a tootsie roll from a kind fan you are DQ'd. Pretty dumb. Very dumb. Lots of doping going on in both professional and amateur ranks of triathlon. Accept a gum drop on race course and you are canned.

    Speedway racing on another note one is totally or near totally reliant on their pit crew. Most are speedway riders, previous speedway racers but all passionate, knowledgeable and the help is simply off the hook. I would be even more lost without them. Thank you Doug Greyson. Bobby Campbell. Tom Rishton. Big Jim and Nathan Siegel  and......................Buzzzz!!  IMG 2279IMG 2311IMG 2282Speedway - Ruby Dave at the Grand July 22 2015 101