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The Lava Report

Primar Lugar in Panama

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Okay, will get some race report in and done: It was brutal hot. The swim epic in a canal that is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It was brutal hot. We were racked with our competition. Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, El Salvadore, Mexico, Costa Rica so many more all lined up. And of course Panama!  Did I mention it was hot? Yeah like 36C. And the humidity? Yikes. Makes Hawaii feel somewhat tame.They provided exceptional on the race course. Volunteers, ice, water, energy replacement, etc. Off the charts. But damn it was hot.


  Highlight of trip no doubt spending time and being treated as if we were family with Gabes beautiful familia. Soccer games, eating like a local, grocery shopping, visiting friends and family, etc.  Everyone and I mean  everyone knows them. And all that do are blessed. We certainly were/are. I will even toss in a few more blogs this week it stoked me such. Both Jodi  and I and won our divisions in some steep tough comp qualifying for Worlds. I myself am still quite partial to the off road stuff though. I do not train on aero bars. But the TT bike suited up and delivered the fastest bike split by 12 minutes in my division. Enough cushion to soldier the 1/2 marathon and stay in front. Jodi is just so efficient she just did her thing as she swam up front, took the lead on the bike and then continued to distance her competition on the 1/2 marathon.

 I went 4 hrs. 58 minutes with a not- so- perfect race. Very stoked being a dinasaur and still cracking under 5 hours : )    But truly amazing is Jodi went 5 hours and just few seconds. Simply amazing.IMG 2831IMG 2854IMG 2859IMG 2744