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The Lava Report

Panama Run!

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Mucho caliente' on this run!!!  I came into the bike transition and said to myself  "WTF"??    There is not a another bike in yet on my rack. Which meant I was the 1st off the bike. I had already planned on changing the cycling skin suit I wore during the bike into a lighter and more pliable tri suit. Even though my new found adrenaline said: Run. Screw changing (would have been huge mistake) Just go!!  But I stuck with plan, threw the towel around waist, dropped skin suit, slid on tri suit. Keeping my peripheals open I noted in the approx 4 to 5 sloth like minutes during the non  Nordstrom-like apparrel change, nobody else arrived on my division rack. Cool I thought. And off I went. Then very soon I thought: ummm not so cool.......... still pretty freaking hot!27 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 020424-30115531 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 022263-30115928 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 020425-301156