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The Lava Report

Panama Finish

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They keep sending me pics I will have fun with them. These 3 of the finish I just got over the weekend. What I feel so cool is I peeked on YouTube for any race highlights and one of the first videos to choose from has these two Newton Running Team girls vid running down the last half mile together pretty much step for step. In the back you can see myself about  100 yards back in the video. I came up on them and then did not want to be like what most would do and pass them before the finish. My other concern was I did not want to hold back too much as one of my goals for the half Ironman was to shoot for sub 5 hours. Running behind them I knew it was (very) close to 5 hours yet still did not want to be an ego -monster -ass and pass them. Especially after coming up on them and observing their awesome strides, camoraderie and efforts. My watch was reading 4:59 and high change with the finish in sight. I almost felt like saying "pick it up girls"!!  but held back. Karma played it's role as my clock time was 4:58:30 on results. I forgot I started my personal watch a minute plus before my wave to make sure it was going and not read blank later due to missing start button while wading in the deep water. Jodi's wave went off a few minutes before theirs. Her finish was a mere 2 minutes after mine. Stellar. 5 hours flat. Pretty sure she would have run me down had she started behind me!
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