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Open water swims, surf compititions, SUP comps, Oceanside has it all this summer!!

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Brian Longs 3k rough water swim was just that last weekend: With a nice south swell rolling in it was ..........Rough water!!   Would like to commend the few dozen+ young Oceanside Lifeguards whom all suited up for swimmers safety spread out in the surf and along the buoy markers. They are young yet so mature. But it is obvious they are trained and effcient. You can see it in their display. Several swimmers required attention in the big surf. These kids answered it. It is an honor to be invited to the Oceanside Swim and Lifeguard Charity yearly and I will continue to bid and donate on things I do not need(this year I won the So Cal RAAM entry then only to fly out to St. Croix for Ironman the weekend it was held) But it is all about the cause anyway. And there are homemade desserts to choose which no doubt if won would get used quick. By me.

  Jodi chose to paddle around the beautiful O'Side Harbor on her SUP. She is too......a true waterman. Or I mean water wahine. Oceanside has so many wonderful activities to go along with this cool and fun town this season. And we will taste all of it again: World Body Surfing Contest. The Tiki 2.4mile swim. Oceanside Longboard Surf Contest. Labor day Pier Swim. And then of course some of the awesome Camp Pendleton events. Like a kid out for summer: We will play.

And pick up trash with our newly bought 99cent store  trash grabbers combing the beach. And hope the influence is followed by others on the sand. Here's to a fun and safe summer all!!  : )
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