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"On your right" : )

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 Here in the states when taking over or passing someone you let them know with a "on your left"

Opposite in Australia as you pass with an  "on the right". With my swim starting 3rd from last out of 15 waves that put lots ahead of me from the get go. Did not take long to realize when on bike my little recently (re) built 650c steed with disk wheel on rear and deep dish up front paired with brand new tubulars pumped up to 160 lbs was moving just fine. That's her on the very end of bike rack nestled amongst all the very fine and blingy carbon candy that lay endlessly on all the racks. She did stand out

  Caught and passed heaps though. Often throwing a thumbs up as moving up.  I was trying to be polite and many did not understand English (or did not want to) as I do not dig pulling others in a non drafting competition. Quite a train behind here in the one pic. Saw other packs through out the day too on some of the out and back portions of the course. Oh well. I did get reeled in by many somewhere 45-50 miles in. I knew I was not bonking. Now know the culprit was a rear tubie not holding air. Clinchers are the way IMO. But I don't even have clinchers for the 650c. And doubt I will invest. IMG 0116


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