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Launch time. Destination: Kona

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Yep this World Championship is all Jodi focused. She has proven not only presently but through the years she has displayed sportsmanaship, class. Serious talent. And obviously this is not a fact: she is one of the fastest triathletes in the world in her age. There will be competition Saturday. Lots of athletes from lots of other countries. Which reminded me and put a smile on my face. I competed in over a half dozen different countries. Off the hook experiences. Over the top memories. Wait a minute: they are still happening!  After Ironman in Kona we come home for but a mere week or so and head back this time to Maui. To rock some Xterra tough venue. That race is a different breed. But so is Ironaman. Follow on IronmanLive website and Saturday and send goodvibes please .Mahalo.Ironman Japan I Homestayed  Learned Two Japanese WordsIronman Germany in Roth Homestayed There As Well