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L.A. Tri Series #1 3/8/2015

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IMG 2159First triathlon of 2015 came early. It was great to see everyone yesterday and the race/vibes/competition were all stellar. I was surprised with the questions of why our blog has not been active. That was nice. Truthfully just busy with other parts of life. Along with ending the year racing two World Championships in Hawaii,  returning with a taco'd ankle, taking time off was in store.

Resumed hard training the 1st of the year with all cycling getting beat up by this beast of a single speed paid off yesterday. I raced on standard road bike set up. No aero bike. No aero bar. No aero helmet. And stoked to see on results I had the 2nd fastest bike split. Allowing me 4th overall  in yesterdays Tri Express . 55 years on my leg and I was pretty giddy(and in major oxygen debt) seeing 16, 18, and I think a 24 year old punishing me on the run.  Jodi placed 2nd in her division in what was a very competitive field. She has Ironman Boulder on her mind. She is an animal. You never know and there may be another Ironman World Championship visit for her in Kona come October.

Thanks Tri Events. Thanks Coates Bicycles. Thanks to all volunteers. And thank you to those that inquired about my little ramblings I post.  A huge shout to Felt for providing this 21 lb. little race rocket for upcoming Xterra's (as seen here with Scott Palmer). Excited to break her out. That beast of single speed about broke me these past few months. But no regrets. The love/hate training I have spent on her paid off yesterday : )

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