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Jodi Rocks in The Rockies

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Okay it's late and I'm tired but quick recap on huge Ironman performance. Ironman and WTC call it a no wetsuit swim morning of race in Boulder Colorado this past Sunday. No Bueno. Bad, bad call. Then they let those who wish to wear suits, do so but not eligible for awards. Fine. But don't frickin start them in the last wave behind the athletes with some moxie going skin. With alll that rubber and buoyancy fly, trample and mow over most all ahead whom started  just a few minutes before and ahead. Bad decision. Bad call. It's 2.4 frickin miles. Not 500 yards.

 Jodi (like so many wetsuit-less) had a tough go on the swim. Altitude. Water got very cool far out near turnaround and then of course you have all the wetsuit enhanced swimmers coming up and over you. I hear the entire time.

      Did not matter too much in the end for Jodi. Results have 30th place out of water.Which is way far back for her. 11th off the bike. Ran herself into 3rd by finish of the marathon. Both other girls ahead are local mountain trained and living. Not bad for a little sea level living mermaid.Great job Jodi.IMG 0264IMG 2331IMG 0393IMG 0290