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Jodi acknowledged as one of fastest Ironman (girl) in the world in her division!

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No sooner do I finish tooting my horn (trust me,all in fun) to Jodi on me making Team USA All American Triathlon in both on AND off road......... Jodi gets this letter from the CEO of Ironman Triathlon's Andrew Messick stating she is in the top 5% in the world of Ironman.  Pretty crazy huge.  Yes she has won her category multiple x's and recently as well in several Ironman distance's around the country (and the world). But she won't toot her horn. Won't tease me I did not the make the team or get the letter. I do. I did. But we still have in common we do not have a triathlon award perched anywhere in the house. 

  Along with her new certificate she gets all kinds of perks: Early and selective bike transition. "All World swim cap", "All World race bib", VIP reception solely for "All World" athletes . Priority registration, banquent entry, the list goes on.  And she probably won't use any of those those either. She will most likely continue to do what she does: Work full time as a Registered Nurse in a school district most Ironmen would scared of. Pick out an Ironman Triathlon and hopefully sign up before it fills up (Boulder this year).  Then train. Good hard quality stuff. Show up and rock it.  

   The pic of her on right is just another proud fact for me. This was taken two weeks after her Ironman race in Kona this past October. Building her own bike (I will take credit for some assistance) for Xterra Worlds the next day on Maui. Where she placed 5th. 1 of 10 athletes only to compete in "The Double". Damn impressive. She may have missed out on the double whammy (2) Team All American status certificates, stickers and patches I just received. But the fact is: She is more than that. Way more.IMG 2588IMG 1883