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Ironman World Championships #5 behind for Jodi!!

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Jodi took on the challenges dished out to her on Saturday on The Big Island. Being her 5th qualified race at the Ironman World Championships she certainly had the most difficult conditions. Winds were howling out by Hawi and the Queen K. Jodi being 99 lbs. dripping wet the crosswinds are what blow you around like a gnat. She toughed it out. More DNF's they say this day than ever. Many unfortunately just could not make the bike cut off time. We went down to the finish at midnight to cheer those close to the 17 hour cut off time and watched as several were just over the limit. I would have changed the rules right then and there and gave the finishers medals to ANYONE who finished at anytime this day.  I have done that race 2 x's and there was wind. Calm wind. I was lucky. You can pretty much always count on the heat and humidity. The wind? It can come quick and blow hard. Or you can get what you pray for: None. It came fast and hard Saturday. Congratulations Jodi! You rocked it. A  marathon that was ran in the high 3's after THAT bike?  Amazing.

Thank you Rick and Pam Harnish of Felt Bicycles whom took this shot and shared it with us. Along with your fabulous positive support. My computer is not accepting my camera right now so this is extra appreciated. I think the wind blew some sand in it!  : }


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