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Ironman World Championships 2016

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As expected Ironman in Kona delivered some very tough conditions this past weekend. But even tougher were the two I was there to cheer loudest for: Jodi Ruby and Bill Carlson. Bill is known for being one of the best multi sport athletes in the country. And a diabetic. He wears his heart and his passion for sharing and assisting others he can help on his sleeve. Whether an athlete or not. He is going to share his knowledge and experience and the recipients are very blessed in that matter. Great job out there Billy C. You rocked it with your lovely "Momma Suzi" cheering so loud I swear I could hear her from California.

   Jodi pretty much did too what she typically does: Work up to about a half hour before departure time. Be the last athlete to arrive in Kona. Go through the nutty process of check in. Try to get some sleep. Arrive at swim start. Swim 2.4 miles in what now a days with 2500 aggro others more like an MMA cage fight. Cycle the 112 miles with a guarantee of not just heat and humidity. But brutal winds as well. And then: Well  "then" she will just run you down. Over the course of the marathon which is no dessert after the dish's just handed to you.

I was grateful to have been able to give back again on this day via working aid stations. I seen some beautiful stuff. In liu of volunteers. Many of them out all day like the athletes. For the athletes. I wish I could name everyone of them. 5000 is what it takes to put on this event. Watch the NBC airing in early December and just look at the aloha given with those wearing a "Kokua Crew" shirt. Impressive as well.


Great job Jodi and Bill. Simply amazing. You two rocked it. Now take some rest!   : )




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