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The Lava Report

Ironman St. Croix report with St. George on deck

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2 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 000170-953439St. Croix as expected was brutal hot and humid. Beautiful too. Athletes got hit by Man of Wars during the swim and I had no idea the damage and pain they can inflict. I was not one of them but a few rooming near us and @ the dinner/awards were. Looked like acid was tossed on them. Some off to the emergency room and race over. Do not like hearing that. We had to swim to the island seen here for the start of the race. Different, cool and refreshing. My experience was great. Long open, out and back swim. I wish those that got hit could have only had the same.

    With no ages marked on our calves I could only guess as I spun out on the descents and false flats that a few were around mine. My rented bike had a 50/39 chainrings. Fine for climbing. Not so otherwise. For me anyway. But the race was what it was supposed to be: Challenging. That is was.


But Jodi just experienced in Ironman St. George this past weekend a much more challenging element: The freezing cold. Your body and organs react completely different than the opposite of heat (overheating is seriously dangerous as well). Body core drops below a certain level and it all (mainly coordination) goes in the wrong direction. Not to mention horrific uncomfortable. Head aches likeit is in a vise. Fingers, toes, most all extremities slow down to a  molasses like dexterity. Some more than others. Read any reports on the race and most suffered. I have over the years really acclimated to hot and humid races. Myself though and many others there is never acclimating to the cold. If your body core drops and you are at or near's no bueno. In any respect. Big difference between a nice cool temp. And freezing. Jodi will be sharing her experience soon right here so stay tuned!  And congrats to Jodi and all whom had to endure what may one of coldest conditions in a race to date. Sorry no pics yet but she will post some here soon10 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 001889-9534475 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 000557-9534427 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 001068-953444