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Ironman Panama Swim in THEE Canal !!

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 The year is in gear and Ironman Panama was a beautiful start. In all respects. 1500 mostly Latin athletes from various Central and South American countries. I started in the 6th swim wave and had all the professionals and all the female competitors in the previous 5 waves starting ahead of my group. Look how fast this young Columbian gal has her wetsuit down. Just seconds out of the water. Full on race mode!. My 1st impression as I exited the water and ran the long 1/4 mile stretch to  the bike transition was: "Dang, everyone is hauling ass already...........if this keeps up all day's gonna hurt"    3 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 001763-3011314 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 001764-3011325 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 001765-301133