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The Lava Report

Ironman Panama Bike

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Okay these bike shots have story!!! The 56 mile ride took us in and out of town toward the boonies and back 3 loops. If you look at the middle pic you see the fella giving direction is all energetic. And I have 3 bottles filled with fluids. Then look at the pic above it which is probably the 3rd loop. He has his sleeves rolled up and his socks rolled down. And very non energetic. Me? Rear seat mounted water bottles done and gone. Aero drink level on bars very low. Safe to say we were both feeling the heat! Great ride. That is the downtown Panama skyline and where we stayed. Loved it. 19 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 012051-30114715 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 011363-30114314 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 009738-3011429 m-100712536-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1252 003349-301137