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Industry Speedway last night. Los Angeles. Triathlon series final race this Sunday

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Speedway motorcycle race this Wednesday @ The Grand Industry Hills.  Then it's on to our more familiar  event this Sunday  where the motor is all you. Los Angeles Triathlon Series #3 and final race. Far unlike my speedway racing I am going into this undefeated. Cool. But what's even cooler: 'IF" I make top 5 overall it makes all 3 a top 5 finish. At 55 years old(young)!  I guess that's what 30 years in the sport can do. So don't quit. Train hard, race harder and race fair. Hope to see you this Sunday. Stay stoked. Thank the volunteers. The event would not happen without them.

Speedway - Ruby Dave at The Grand Arena June 04 2014 111IMG 1486