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Here today gone to Maui

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Barely been back a week from Kona not even totally unpacked and depart for Maui and Xterra early tomorrow (Friday) Chain snap turned into a near 500.00 parts replacement. Xo Sram components worn like a butter knife. Ouch. And just learned tonight our dinasaur Tri All 3 double bike case will not hold two bikes if one is a 29er. Sucks. Trying to keep the cost down on these trips and it ain't easy. Will now have to use another case soley for my wheels and they can take you to the cleaners these days those airlines. Expensive set and I cannot chance (it's a gamble they can get there unscathed even in a hard case)  So more baggage and more costs. I am hoping my buddy from Xterra seen here and top notch guy Jay Weber will lend me a speed suit for the swim. Otherwise I most likely will be one of the very few not wearing one . No big deal if one not available I have done this race in board shorts. Xterra Worlds this Sunday. Fastest of the fast in attendance. 38 countries representing! Cool. And will air on national television in January. Please send good aloha. Mahalo and..............Aloha!!!IMG 1586