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Go Pro Ironman 2014 World Championships airs this Saturday NBC!

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Great memories this photo here. First we find this used and hard to find size 650c bike for Jodi 2 weeks before Ironman CDA. Which she raced, won and qualified for Kona last June. That is her Ironman World Championship number which would be the 2nd time she raced on this bike. That green pass is mine as I signed up and volunteered a shift in the "bike catch" in T2. It was obvious help was still needed when my time was up so I worked (volunteer or not, that is work)! so I stayed and kept going until 3 p.m. Someone noticed and @ the volunteer party Monday Go Pro presented me with this Hero 3. Wow. I was good with the "Kokua" shirt and volunteer dinner. Thank you Go pro. Thank you Ironman. All the other volunteers rocked as well as far I could see. I am honored.

 Neither Go Pro nor Ironman had any idea I had a spouse racing that day. Neither did they know I mean "we" would be racing again on another island of Maui two weeks later for the other World Championship of Xterra. Go pro rocks. Ironman rocks. Xterra rocks...............and I think we did too : )  Thank you all so much. have not even broke the seal on my new Hero 3. But trust me: It will see lots of action. Be sure and watch the show this Saturday on NBC. It wins an Emmy every year. And keep your eyes out for Jodi. And the guy running his ass off in T2!! : )  And the 2nd photo: Yes i am as cuckoo as that beautiful baby African Gray parrot. Lucky me. She was in the lobby and I loved chatting with her every day while in Lahaina for Xterra. LOVED it. And check out the shirt. Yes wearing it for my wife. They gave her a large. At 99 lbs she is large. In heart, spirit, compassion, guts and generosity. Oh and she absolutely ROCKED "The Double". 2 World Championships in 2 weeks. Had to qualify for both. Only 10 athletes in the worldIMG 1725 can say they did THAT this year.IMG 2537