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Team All American (s)

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With all the excitement of Ironman O'Side this past weekend, RAAM buzz going around Oceanside as well, I open my mail yesterday and pretty stoked seeing I made Team All-American in road triathlon  AND off road triathlon this past year. Thanks to some good races on road in So Cal @ Xterra around the country. Pretty stoked as not too common. The certificates will just go in a box and this is about the only exposure they will get. Heck if not for the bikes we have around those that do know us would not even know we race and bring home hardware. I prefer to hand mine over to some younger (or elder) newcomer after podium visit and typically will say something such as "Hey I seen you on the course and you really had a great race  keep it up you will be getting lots of these". Where Jodi puts hers not sure but can assure you a pretty big container. I am a bit of kidder (brat)? and did rub it in a little that I got made Team All American for both teams (Jodi Team All American Road Triathlon) and got double certificates, patches and stickers......................(none of which will be applied on anything)
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