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Dave and Jodi top 5 @ Xterra world Championships!!!

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Okay I am cooked. Two trips to Hawaii in two weeks along with EVERYTHING that entails preparing to race there. My swimming every single time while down in Oceanside paid off. I knew it would. New bi-lateral breathing and I just gain so much more from my single arm stall!! Bike was rough and muddy breaks did not work so well with new pads and old rotors. Run was typical. Hard!!! Rolled an ankle and damn good. Fortunately with about 1 mile to go but all pounding down hill! Jodi killed it. Two weeks after her stellar perfromance in Kona for Ironman. These trips demand alot these days. Just the packing and travel will bust you down. Great trips though. 4th place for myself. Jodi rocked it witha 5th!!