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The Lava Report

Costa Mesa Speedway, InterBike, Camp Pendleton!

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Raced Costa Mesa Speedway last Saturday. Yes got to race the famous "Bull Ring". I qualified  for the main and placed 4th in a heat of 6 riders. Fun stuff. Pictured along with great help from Jim and Doug is another famous speedway icon by the name of Gary Hicks. I have been fortunate to have been introduced and befriended by several knowledgeable and helpful peeps. NEVER would have even been able to race all year without them and especially Bobby Campbell. Thanks everyone.

  Jetted out to InterBike in Vegas yesterday. Saw many old aquaintences/friends. Same ol InterBike though. I always say I do not have return. Yet I do.  


Another fun race/activity being held on Camp Pendleton called the Wai Kekoa Beach Warrior competition this Saturday the 13th.      We will be there and have entered in.............just about everything : )IMG 2180