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The Lava Report

Brian Longs Tiki 2.4 mile swim last weekend. TriEvents triathlons this Sunday at Bonelli Park

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Lots of waterman activities or events this summer in Oceanside. 6 of them. And we were included in all! What a blast. Surf contest. World Bodysurfing Contest held at Pier as well. 3 Brian Long open water swims with all conditions dished out differently each race.(Macking swell on Labor Day Pier onw mile) The Water warrior on the Marine base: All GREAT stuff. Fun, challenging, great vibes, even better were the military volunteers, the works.


Now we have TriEvents triathlon races coming up this Sunday @ Bonelli Park, south side. Come on out and choose you distance/race and let er rip. I am going with the Express to fine tune my anaerobic system for Xterra worlds on Maui in a few weeks. Full throttle/red line/balls to the wall effort. Then a few gnarley long and steep hill repeats which Bonelli has around to bang out for a little training as the Maui course certainly has those. My 30th year racing here and being involved with the beautiful Fulton family!!!     Come on out. race, support or volunteer. Smile 8B8C2991-DJ-OR-BW-Flat-Lo-Resand have fun!!!11960049 999707453414903 7238722531055848163 n