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The Lava Report

Blog is back. So are some upcoming races.

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I took a long break from activity in regards to blog. After roughly 10 years just desired to. Work has been busy. Life has been busy. But still training like a nut. Ready for some events.

Something I had not been doing also was speedway. Until last week anyway. Friend and fellow racer Tom Rishton was over the top kind and lent me his bike and his help. Here he is setting me up with the Jawa's kill switch. Yep, wrap this around your wrist and if crash the bike should shut down and not go like a buzz saw on crack into the stands mowing down anything in sight. Fortunately I stayed upright. Great time that speedway racing. Thanks Tom, Buzz, Doug, Travis, Nathan, Dorcey Wingo, Paul and Bruce Flanders and race promoter Kelly Inman for all contributing to the fun had.IMG 0008Speedway - Ruby Dave at the Grand July 15 2015 193