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2015 around the corner with exciting changes

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ONE of the cool factors of qualifying and racing the Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii is: Hell you qualified and are racing the world Championships in Hawaii. But so much more to it than that.The O'hana (family) surrounding the races are over the top. And we are blessed to be part of with the best in the industry.  Billy Rudell(seen here) along with Mark Ray personally invited us to their Cannondale pre and post  exclusive Ironman parties. Full bore Hollywood-like atmosphere. But 100% better being in Hawaii. Thank you guys.

       The PowerBar people invited us to their shin dig. 

And Rick Harnish of Felt Bicycles. Man we love seeing him anytime we can. And your wife makes it even nicer. Yes we are blessed. 

Pic 1 of my foot was day of World Championship Xterra later in motel room.(umm reminder: 4th place with that humdinger)

Pic 2 was taken on the airplane 3 days later when heading home. And I was icing it 24/7.

Now I have rehabbed her back to health and ready to resume with busting out a run @ Turkey day race. Ready to rock and roll. I will not soon forget the discomfort I felt the last mile and a half after rolling the ankle I ran to finish in Maui. It was downhill twisty and loose. I knew I had done a number on it when it happened. And now thankful it was not worse. Train hard. Train smart. Don't train when you shouldn't. Thank the volunteers and don't drop your trash : )


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