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1st place for Jodi @ Ironman Couer d' Alene

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IMG 1935Jodi qualifys for Ironman World Championships in Kona. She grabbed her qualifying spot this year and this will make it her 6th Kona- qualified appearance. Tough/cold/windy conditions in Idaho and this little spud baked her competition. LiveTracking allowed us to follow her on line. She was 8th place out of the water. 2nd place off the hilly and windy 112 mile bike. Jodi took the lead 15 miles into the run. And it then proceeded to gap her competition. Amazing. Dig the pic I got of her passing the dude with "Kona" on his back. Only 50 Kona qualifying spots with over 2700 entrants. Jodi trained solely for this race entirely in Oceanside/Camp Pebdleton. Pier swims. Longs repeat cycling thru the marine base with hills. Epic long/challenging runs in the sand from O'Side Harbor to Ponto Beach and return. Obviously was a great recipe!!!! Hawaii in October!!IMG 1859IMG 1876112 2