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Okay that hurt. 70 racers went off in typical time trial fashion every 30 seconds. Mt. Baldy is flat out known to be one of the steepest climbs in California. Someone said it was 100 degrees today. Humid too. 12 miles straight up 5K+ elevation.  I loved it. It hurt. A lot. I raced 45+ category and placed 1st. Stoked with that being that I am playing in the mostly one dimensional road racer playground. That and I am a hell of lot closer to 55 than 45. Jodi rocked and placed third in womens Cat 1/2. Very impressive. Robert Little has big cajones and unlike many others.............showed up and raced it. Placing a very respectable 5th. Up until 6 months ago he was triathlete only. I persuaded him to invest in a road bike for training and here he is racing. Well at that. Congratulations to everyone who even attempted this beast. Finished or not.

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Challenging? Yeah. 12 miles straight up thru Baldy Village and  then on up the switchbacks and finish at ski lifts. This is probably thee toughest climb in So Cal. Now you can race up it!!! Here is Jodi about quarter way up ducking thru one of the tunnels. website for info. Finish line is well over 6000'. Yay!
        This will be a sufferfest. Be prepared to get your hurt on!

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Great road trip. Seven athletes competing. Seven went up in Coates Team Van. Seven came home with hardware. Everyone rocked the challenging course with most beating their competitors in their division. Jodi and I both took 1st place male and female overall. Robert, Alex, Devon, Jeff 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their division. Scott and Tammy Carnahan (of Team Carnahan/Safariland) suited up as a relay impressively winning their division as well. I hope this race sticks around for years to come. One challenging course.  Congrats to all who attempted and/or finished this beast!




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Carlos' training today consisted of pure open water beach starts/ 400 yard repeats. Nice having the Steamboat triathlon swim course open for him to train. These awesome Bonelli lifeguards were troopers and joined in on the fun. He is getting comfortable with the hands, feet and elbows that a mass swim start entails. With his big event approaching fast he is right on course. Actually a little ahead..............

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2012 brought lots of fast racing out of the gates. I figure a dozen  race competitions or more already. Big ones too. All of the Los Angeles Triathlon Series, an Xterra in California, Xterra in Nevada, Xterra in Alabama and half Ironman in Texas and then toss in a few other local fast races and well,  that's a lot.
          With a few World Championships coming up in October (oh and the Furnace Creek 508 mile bike race) it is time to start crackin' again. Not that we stopped crackin' but nice to just train aimlessly sometimes as recently have.
          TriEvents just sent us our schwag for 1) both winning the overall title for the Express series. 2) double whammy that we are the first couple. 3) Bigger whammy that we are both in our fifties....... Fifty? So what. I train like I always have these last 27 years. And the race outcomes (and times) thus far are staying close to to the same. Not going to change anything now.....................

         TriEvents asked Jodi and I if we would like to put on a little triathlon clinic prior to their October race. Initially I figured we already had too much going on. But after a few days something again is having me lean towards paying it forward. I have been given huge amounts of good from the sport. Huge. No larger than huge. Going to pay it forward. So keep your eyes for a one of a kind clinic coming up. From a pretty cool couple. Whom have both qualified for a Triathlon World Championship this year. Don't know how many that makes. But I guess we are doing something right. Hope to see you soon...............................................

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I am not no chef. Nor am I a chief. But I know some chefs. Some chiefs. And lots of champs. That's what it took to get these two awesome individuals together. Just two weeks ago tomorrow they met for the first time. It took a recipe that was baked from scratch. Baked on high real fast. And yet they were on CNN today.  There has got to be a lot of story for one to get on such a broadcast. CNN. That's pretty big. I would like to acknowledge Trievents for allowing them to race under such quick notice. Alex Soto, Carolyn Wolk, you two really stepped up to the plate. How wonderful CNN used this backdrop with the Trievents logo today on live television. And then there is another very important individual whom was a huge part in the success of this exposure. He is one of the most selfless human beings on the planet. He insists on not getting any credit or having his name mentioned. Okay I won't. But he said nothing about using his initials. T.M. was a major factor in this getting to where it did. Just as big as Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Carlos Solis, Ryan Maloney, Alex and Carolyn. And one other but whom like Terry will just be grateful he is able to "pay it forward"....................