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The Lava Report

Dave Ruby

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Xterra Worlds on Maui last month is still clinging close to me. For one I dug the new course. Two: I just dig Hawaii. Three: Xterra World Championships is just that: A World Championship. This start list of my division just surfaced from Jodis camera. That's some foreign contingent. I dig that even most. Languages not understood. Except while on the race course.
           We are hungry for more. 2013 around the corner. Stoked.

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Happiness is waking up in the morning after an Xterra World Championship and seeing your name in the local paper ....on the results front page :)

 Then spending that evening of your 11th wedding anniversary in the same place you got married (on the beach) and buying your wahine something special. Just a mere block from where this pic was taken in the beautiful harbor of Lahaina. No ka 'Oi.

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Okay. That was tough. Sooooooo relieved it is behind us. I took this race very seriously and trained, rested, worked, trained hard, rested, worked, repeated. And then you have to show up, suit up and hope things go well. The Hawaiian god Pele' was on our side. Freakin' nutty huge tsunami warning with sirens blaring the night before the race craziness. Folks were displaced to rooms above the 2nd floors. If rooms were not available they literally had to evacuate. Many athletes sleeping in their cars in parking lots on higher ground. Word was race was to be cancelled. And understandable. Sounds nuts? It was.The news people and weather "experts" thought that the earthquake in Canada was going to wipe everything out @ 10:28 Friday night. 10:28. They had it down to the minute the tsunami would arrive. And overly emphasized the first wave may not be the largest. Wow. Fortunately that never evolved. We observed from the balcony of  the beach front 12th floor room at the Mahana. 10:26, 10:27, 10:28. It fortunately never showed. But it was crazy. Ca-razy.
         We did not turn the TV on for one second after Friday night and all that hysteria. It was not until after the race and we were eating dinner at a little off -the- beaten- tourist joint  in Lahaina that we learned of the seriousness and destruction of Hurricane Sandy. This one for real. The devistation of yet another natural disaster puts things in perspective. Our hearts go out to those so affected. Very heavy stuff.
      As for our race: I could not be more stoked or satisfied. Neither of us got hurt. My division was larger than ever with over 70 entrants qualified and entered prior on the Xterra website. 64 showed up and were on the start list at race site. 56 on finish results page. Fifth for me with all Europeans just a few minutes ahead.
      Jodi nabbed a 5th division as well. On the only old V-braked (that I could see) bike at the race. She wore  a camel back and from the now available pics from race looks like she was carrying a small child on her back. And I was concerned with the extra weight of my tube and co2...........She has proven again: She can rock on the off road. She is one tough little wahine.
            Yet it is Ironman distance on the road where she she really shines. Speaking of, she is all Ironman focused for 2013 with the new Canadian Whistler course on the radar(and entered).........and for myself in 2013? Who knows. But like I have always said: Will race anything. Anytime. Anywhere. As long as I can anyway............................
           HUGE thanks to Scott O'brien and Safariland. Corey McCroskey and Coates Bicycles. And the entire team from Xterra. Collectively assisted in our successful trip.

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Yup. Depart tomorrow Friday evening 6 p.m. Nothing like getting to a World Championship competition 6 hours early to acclimate and pre ride the race course! Hey it could be worse. We could be returning Sunday. But we are not! Hopefully find some surf for three days. Aloha!

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Another Xterra Worlds Championship race departing 5 days from now. Here are a few shots from the years Jodi and I both won our world titles. Back to back. Can it/will it happen again? It takes everything to go right and nothing to go wrong on this particular race. Everyone is fast. Everyone is hungry. The race as Ironman has several dozen countries representing. Are we ready? You bet. Going to give it my all. We know there 50 year old phenoms appearing. All preparing for their best performance of the year and/or their lifetime. The competition will be the best in the WORLD. Several prior world champions on the entrants list.................. But wait: We are two of them !  :)

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It has been a very busy 2012 year of racing. Half dozen road tri's. Several off road tri's with Xterra's in Las Vegas, Alabama, Texas, Snow Valley, Renegade. Goals accomplished: We qualified for  the XterraWorld Championships to be held on Maui in less than two weeks. This will make our 6th appearance.
       As if the training and those races were not enough the Furnace Creek 508 (miles) non stop bicycle road race a mere few weeks ago was a real test. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually the whole enchilada. Jodi and her 100 lb. frame got hit hard by a side wind and down on the pavement she went. Hard. Fortunately just road rash and she remarkably stood up and went on to hammer out her stages. Then just this past Sunday three fifty plus year olds (sorry Robert I am giving a few you of mine, almost 55 and you are close enough) chose to relay the L.A. Tri Series race and dished out some of the fastest swim, bike and run splits to finish under 50 minutes in the sprint. Which only a few very youthful lightening fast kids did as well. Congratulations Dillon on rocking it.
       Our training after the race Sunday was to bust out Sunset Ridge on the mtn. bikes. Robert took the digger this time. Flying down the descent. I had to play nurse Ratchet as the real nurse (Jodi) was out putting in some last pre Maui running miles. 
        Please everyone be careful out there on your bicycles. Vehicles and human beings in them are our biggest threats. But there is always a risk beyond those too. Be safe. Carry your cell phone. Tell family/friends where you are riding. Ride with a training partner, etc.
and be courteous on the trails (and road)................