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Yep this World Championship is all Jodi focused. She has proven not only presently but through the years she has displayed sportsmanaship, class. Serious talent. And obviously this is not a fact: she is one of the fastest triathletes in the world in her age. There will be competition Saturday. Lots of athletes from lots of other countries. Which reminded me and put a smile on my face. I competed in over a half dozen different countries. Off the hook experiences. Over the top memories. Wait a minute: they are still happening!  After Ironman in Kona we come home for but a mere week or so and head back this time to Maui. To rock some Xterra tough venue. That race is a different breed. But so is Ironaman. Follow on IronmanLive website and Saturday and send goodvibes please .Mahalo.Ironman Japan I Homestayed  Learned Two Japanese WordsIronman Germany in Roth Homestayed There As Well

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Countdown to Kona and Jodi gets a note from Hammer Nutrition today that she will be their cover girl on next magazine soon to hit the stands. Cool factor: High.EN92 Hammer-cover-Lo-Res

This is Jodi running down Alli'i Drive in Kona. She will be doing the same again just a few weeks away. She just rocked the Tiki 2.4 mile swim yesterday placing 3rd in her division. Awesome event with the swim start south of O'Side Pier finishing right on the dock of O'side Harbor. She received a cool Tiki figure for her award. She was stoked. And should be. We all know her real weapon is the run!

   After we return from Kona it will not be long and we head back to another beautiful spot on a different island. Xterra Worlds is the 26th of October in Kapalua on Maui. Two Triathlon World Championships. Two weeks apart. But alot of work lies ahead (on the courses). Normal people go there and do different activities: Lounge. Luah. Rest. The races will be challenging.Then the next triathlon of lounge/luah/rest will hopefully happen.


Jodi Kona Alii Drive 2008

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I love the Marine Base of Camp Pendleton. Love everything about it. Top of the list is the beauty of it. So expansive.  We have open access to train, surf, and enter the half dozen or so of exceptional events they provide on it. This weekend was the Wai Kekoa (Water Warrior) competition which supplied a huge dish of tasty stuff. The one mile swim with obstacles spread out over it. The 5K obtacle run which  Jodi placed first female. Several SUP events. And my favorite: The Surf Expression Surf Contest. This old salty dude won that. Never grow up. Stay stoked. Leave the beach cleaner than you arrived. Be thankful.  Speaking of: Thank you United States Marines of Camp Pendleton. Great show you guys put on (along with protecting our country)!IMG 2254IMG 2274IMG 2240IMG 2239

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Raced Costa Mesa Speedway last Saturday. Yes got to race the famous "Bull Ring". I qualified  for the main and placed 4th in a heat of 6 riders. Fun stuff. Pictured along with great help from Jim and Doug is another famous speedway icon by the name of Gary Hicks. I have been fortunate to have been introduced and befriended by several knowledgeable and helpful peeps. NEVER would have even been able to race all year without them and especially Bobby Campbell. Thanks everyone.

  Jetted out to InterBike in Vegas yesterday. Saw many old aquaintences/friends. Same ol InterBike though. I always say I do not have return. Yet I do.  


Another fun race/activity being held on Camp Pendleton called the Wai Kekoa Beach Warrior competition this Saturday the 13th.      We will be there and have entered in.............just about everything : )IMG 2180

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Hawaii Ironman count down. Jodi has been training like a pro. Dang she is a pro. Okay does not race as a pro. But then again pro's do not work 50 hour weeks and THEN train. I predict a very good race for her. Competition of course will be very tough. Just like her!