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Dave Ruby

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IMG 2159First triathlon of 2015 came early. It was great to see everyone yesterday and the race/vibes/competition were all stellar. I was surprised with the questions of why our blog has not been active. That was nice. Truthfully just busy with other parts of life. Along with ending the year racing two World Championships in Hawaii,  returning with a taco'd ankle, taking time off was in store.

Resumed hard training the 1st of the year with all cycling getting beat up by this beast of a single speed paid off yesterday. I raced on standard road bike set up. No aero bike. No aero bar. No aero helmet. And stoked to see on results I had the 2nd fastest bike split. Allowing me 4th overall  in yesterdays Tri Express . 55 years on my leg and I was pretty giddy(and in major oxygen debt) seeing 16, 18, and I think a 24 year old punishing me on the run.  Jodi placed 2nd in her division in what was a very competitive field. She has Ironman Boulder on her mind. She is an animal. You never know and there may be another Ironman World Championship visit for her in Kona come October.

Thanks Tri Events. Thanks Coates Bicycles. Thanks to all volunteers. And thank you to those that inquired about my little ramblings I post.  A huge shout to Felt for providing this 21 lb. little race rocket for upcoming Xterra's (as seen here with Scott Palmer). Excited to break her out. That beast of single speed about broke me these past few months. But no regrets. The love/hate training I have spent on her paid off yesterday : )

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ONE of the cool factors of qualifying and racing the Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii is: Hell you qualified and are racing the world Championships in Hawaii. But so much more to it than that.The O'hana (family) surrounding the races are over the top. And we are blessed to be part of with the best in the industry.  Billy Rudell(seen here) along with Mark Ray personally invited us to their Cannondale pre and post  exclusive Ironman parties. Full bore Hollywood-like atmosphere. But 100% better being in Hawaii. Thank you guys.

       The PowerBar people invited us to their shin dig. 

And Rick Harnish of Felt Bicycles. Man we love seeing him anytime we can. And your wife makes it even nicer. Yes we are blessed. 

Pic 1 of my foot was day of World Championship Xterra later in motel room.(umm reminder: 4th place with that humdinger)

Pic 2 was taken on the airplane 3 days later when heading home. And I was icing it 24/7.

Now I have rehabbed her back to health and ready to resume with busting out a run @ Turkey day race. Ready to rock and roll. I will not soon forget the discomfort I felt the last mile and a half after rolling the ankle I ran to finish in Maui. It was downhill twisty and loose. I knew I had done a number on it when it happened. And now thankful it was not worse. Train hard. Train smart. Don't train when you shouldn't. Thank the volunteers and don't drop your trash : )


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Great memories this photo here. First we find this used and hard to find size 650c bike for Jodi 2 weeks before Ironman CDA. Which she raced, won and qualified for Kona last June. That is her Ironman World Championship number which would be the 2nd time she raced on this bike. That green pass is mine as I signed up and volunteered a shift in the "bike catch" in T2. It was obvious help was still needed when my time was up so I worked (volunteer or not, that is work)! so I stayed and kept going until 3 p.m. Someone noticed and @ the volunteer party Monday Go Pro presented me with this Hero 3. Wow. I was good with the "Kokua" shirt and volunteer dinner. Thank you Go pro. Thank you Ironman. All the other volunteers rocked as well as far I could see. I am honored.

 Neither Go Pro nor Ironman had any idea I had a spouse racing that day. Neither did they know I mean "we" would be racing again on another island of Maui two weeks later for the other World Championship of Xterra. Go pro rocks. Ironman rocks. Xterra rocks...............and I think we did too : )  Thank you all so much. have not even broke the seal on my new Hero 3. But trust me: It will see lots of action. Be sure and watch the show this Saturday on NBC. It wins an Emmy every year. And keep your eyes out for Jodi. And the guy running his ass off in T2!! : )  And the 2nd photo: Yes i am as cuckoo as that beautiful baby African Gray parrot. Lucky me. She was in the lobby and I loved chatting with her every day while in Lahaina for Xterra. LOVED it. And check out the shirt. Yes wearing it for my wife. They gave her a large. At 99 lbs she is large. In heart, spirit, compassion, guts and generosity. Oh and she absolutely ROCKED "The Double". 2 World Championships in 2 weeks. Had to qualify for both. Only 10 athletes in the worldIMG 1725 can say they did THAT this year.IMG 2537

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Okay I am cooked. Two trips to Hawaii in two weeks along with EVERYTHING that entails preparing to race there. My swimming every single time while down in Oceanside paid off. I knew it would. New bi-lateral breathing and I just gain so much more from my single arm stall!! Bike was rough and muddy breaks did not work so well with new pads and old rotors. Run was typical. Hard!!! Rolled an ankle and damn good. Fortunately with about 1 mile to go but all pounding down hill! Jodi killed it. Two weeks after her stellar perfromance in Kona for Ironman. These trips demand alot these days. Just the packing and travel will bust you down. Great trips though. 4th place for myself. Jodi rocked it witha 5th!!

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Barely been back a week from Kona not even totally unpacked and depart for Maui and Xterra early tomorrow (Friday) Chain snap turned into a near 500.00 parts replacement. Xo Sram components worn like a butter knife. Ouch. And just learned tonight our dinasaur Tri All 3 double bike case will not hold two bikes if one is a 29er. Sucks. Trying to keep the cost down on these trips and it ain't easy. Will now have to use another case soley for my wheels and they can take you to the cleaners these days those airlines. Expensive set and I cannot chance (it's a gamble they can get there unscathed even in a hard case)  So more baggage and more costs. I am hoping my buddy from Xterra seen here and top notch guy Jay Weber will lend me a speed suit for the swim. Otherwise I most likely will be one of the very few not wearing one . No big deal if one not available I have done this race in board shorts. Xterra Worlds this Sunday. Fastest of the fast in attendance. 38 countries representing! Cool. And will air on national television in January. Please send good aloha. Mahalo and..............Aloha!!!IMG 1586

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Jodi took on the challenges dished out to her on Saturday on The Big Island. Being her 5th qualified race at the Ironman World Championships she certainly had the most difficult conditions. Winds were howling out by Hawi and the Queen K. Jodi being 99 lbs. dripping wet the crosswinds are what blow you around like a gnat. She toughed it out. More DNF's they say this day than ever. Many unfortunately just could not make the bike cut off time. We went down to the finish at midnight to cheer those close to the 17 hour cut off time and watched as several were just over the limit. I would have changed the rules right then and there and gave the finishers medals to ANYONE who finished at anytime this day.  I have done that race 2 x's and there was wind. Calm wind. I was lucky. You can pretty much always count on the heat and humidity. The wind? It can come quick and blow hard. Or you can get what you pray for: None. It came fast and hard Saturday. Congratulations Jodi! You rocked it. A  marathon that was ran in the high 3's after THAT bike?  Amazing.

Thank you Rick and Pam Harnish of Felt Bicycles whom took this shot and shared it with us. Along with your fabulous positive support. My computer is not accepting my camera right now so this is extra appreciated. I think the wind blew some sand in it!  : }


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