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So took the fellow Sebatian we homestayed for the week of L.A. Tri race down to Zoot Sports in Carlsbad for a visit for himself as he wanted that over Disneyland (and no chance in heck I was going there).  Molly Kline of Zoot handed me a  "VIP" coupon while @ their HQ visit to order some shoes on line. And @ 50% off I pulled the trigger. (did not know discount amount 'til checkout so was on the fence til then) I love their racing flats and have used them through the years.

 Thank you Molly!

    This is Jodi @ Ironman CDA this last June. That is her in the Zoot wetsuit. 11th out of the water in division. She prepared well for the chilly and hilly 112 miles on the bike and entered run transition in 2nd place. Then caught the leader @ mile 12 and continued to enter a different zip code qualifying for Kona once again. Ironman Boulder coming up for her. Always exciting.IMG 1885 2IMG 1856IMG 18392

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Brief cap on Sundays race. Corey of Coates Cyclery gets the rock star status as he hooked up the German athlete Sebastian we homestayed with the gear he lost during travel. Then Corey and his relay team took 1st place in all relay categories. Edging out LAPD by a few minutes. All that and Corey donates this awesome Felt Triathlon bicycle to a lucky and deserving individual @ the next race. Pretty sure derserving more than lucky is the operative word. 


    1st place for myself as well as Jodi. Cool. I did not run all week. I couldn't. I left my legs on Camp Pendleton last weekend. So banked on experience : )

Jodi was fresh as a daisy. Ironman Boulder coming up and she is on par.IMG 2619IMG 2623

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Jodi is certainly in long distance training mode. As in Ironman coming up serious. I am certainly not. My XC mt. bike 25 milers @ lactate threshold 2 to 3 x's a week suit my fancy. I have several 5 to 6 miles very hilly loops I bust out a few x's a week as well. Keeps me sharp. Does not keep me sharp for 13.1 miles of gnarely up and down HeartBreak Ridge half marathon raced yesterday. Was doing wonderful. Until the turn around. Still had 6.2 miles (with lots of climbing yet it was the downhills that just tore my quads apart.) Damage control the whole way. But with 1 year shy of 30 years of doing this and multi sport stuff my head can still get me through.(wish it did with everything else I allow to take up space). 2nd place age group in a large group of runners. Whom no doubt were closing in with every step the last few miles. Jodi rocked it with 1st division and even more impressive 3rd female overall on the podium. Little stud. Well over 600 entrants. Another mile or two and she would have probably gobbled me up too!

 The Marines never cease to amaze me. They work their tales off. Are as respectful as I wish only more civilians would be. Encouragement at start, along the course and at the finish. Non stop. Thank you USMC. We love coming to your spectacular events. Camp Pendleton is absolutely beautiful. The Marines impressive and refreshing seeing youth so honorable, respectful and damn: They are protecting us all in this country.


Another huge shout of thanks to class act...............heck he wears so many hats at so many different events I will just call him friend: Brian Long. There is not a charity function I have been to (and been several) that this man is not in attendance. Giving. To Police, Lifeguards, Firemen, Diabetes Foundation, Humane Society, Race Directing, announcing, the list goes on..... comped me @ yesterday's race  when he saw me counting my pennies at registration (and came up short) .  All that and probably one of the most honest and sincere Realtors in North County. Just ask a local dude that Brian LongIMG 2590IMG 2594IMG 2591

No sooner do I finish tooting my horn (trust me,all in fun) to Jodi on me making Team USA All American Triathlon in both on AND off road......... Jodi gets this letter from the CEO of Ironman Triathlon's Andrew Messick stating she is in the top 5% in the world of Ironman.  Pretty crazy huge.  Yes she has won her category multiple x's and recently as well in several Ironman distance's around the country (and the world). But she won't toot her horn. Won't tease me I did not the make the team or get the letter. I do. I did. But we still have in common we do not have a triathlon award perched anywhere in the house. 

  Along with her new certificate she gets all kinds of perks: Early and selective bike transition. "All World swim cap", "All World race bib", VIP reception solely for "All World" athletes . Priority registration, banquent entry, the list goes on.  And she probably won't use any of those those either. She will most likely continue to do what she does: Work full time as a Registered Nurse in a school district most Ironmen would scared of. Pick out an Ironman Triathlon and hopefully sign up before it fills up (Boulder this year).  Then train. Good hard quality stuff. Show up and rock it.  

   The pic of her on right is just another proud fact for me. This was taken two weeks after her Ironman race in Kona this past October. Building her own bike (I will take credit for some assistance) for Xterra Worlds the next day on Maui. Where she placed 5th. 1 of 10 athletes only to compete in "The Double". Damn impressive. She may have missed out on the double whammy (2) Team All American status certificates, stickers and patches I just received. But the fact is: She is more than that. Way more.IMG 2588IMG 1883

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With all the excitement of Ironman O'Side this past weekend, RAAM buzz going around Oceanside as well, I open my mail yesterday and pretty stoked seeing I made Team All-American in road triathlon  AND off road triathlon this past year. Thanks to some good races on road in So Cal @ Xterra around the country. Pretty stoked as not too common. The certificates will just go in a box and this is about the only exposure they will get. Heck if not for the bikes we have around those that do know us would not even know we race and bring home hardware. I prefer to hand mine over to some younger (or elder) newcomer after podium visit and typically will say something such as "Hey I seen you on the course and you really had a great race  keep it up you will be getting lots of these". Where Jodi puts hers not sure but can assure you a pretty big container. I am a bit of kidder (brat)? and did rub it in a little that I got made Team All American for both teams (Jodi Team All American Road Triathlon) and got double certificates, patches and stickers......................(none of which will be applied on anything)
IMG 2578IMG 2575IMG 2585IMG 1732

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This photo is pretty fresh as was taken just this past October while in Kona for Jodi's 5th qualified appearance there. Cool factor is stepping out of your room and bumping into Hawaiian Sunny Garcia: Multiple world champion surfer and nice guy. Pretty safe to say Hawaiian Ironman on his bucket list as he was seriously checking it all out. A few weeks later again we bump into him on Maui as he was entered and raced Xterra. 

  Now just yesterday Jodi bumps into him again in Oceanside. He is training with the Xterra Wetsuit crew for upcoming 70.3 O'side. Good vibes.  Jodi has begun the start of her prep for Ironman Boulder this summer. I ran about 3 miles with her. Flipped it back. Paddled out @ Harbor and was stoked with fun head high Santa Ana condition lefts and rights : )


IMG 1627