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The Lava Report

Dave Ruby

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IMG 2579Right now on Wednesday about 10 hours since off the plane from Maui. Early a.m. appointments and still recovering. Very challenging course/conditions as normal. So many Euro's and other foreigners these Xterra races have taken off around the globe. So world wide. So many accents along with fast competition. I  Very tight. Top 10 for myself and 3rd American. Jodi raced so strong and placed 8th. Her field is not nearly as large but the girls that are racing are ALL fast. Jodi had the 2nd fastest run in her division and ran down many on the brutal steep hot course. Many crack on the run. I sampled some hamstring cramps but just soldiered on taking in everything I could @ the water/gatorade stops so they  could have been much much worse. Never a good thing when happens but again I was able to tame them down and soldier on to a very satisfying finish. Maui is beautiful.The people are beautiful. The trip and race: Exhausting. No denying that. Will post more pics later. Here is Corey's beautiful daughter Sophie. Cheering on her dad. Great job Corey.  That is one of thee toughest courses on this planet. Pics of bike are pre and post race. Certainly takes a beating.IMG 2576

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With Xterra World Championships 3 weeks out I felt the little zippy/all out/red line/pedal to the medal race held here last weekend a good indicator of where my speed(if I have any) is. Xterra is balls out but about 4x's as long in duration. Oh and hell of a lot harder.

  Chose to wear no wetsuit as Maui they are not allowed. No sense in pampering myself with buoyancy (yes I would have) since in a few weeks I will be swimming one mile open rough water without one. Also chose to ride my standard and very non aero road bike for the little extra work and drag (that and I got too lazy to slap an aero bar on night before).  Swim and run went well. Came into transition right behind 1st and 2nd place. Those two kids took off running like, well kids!  Got caught and passed by another runner mid way. Damage control to the finish and stoked with a 4th overall.  What does that indicate to me for Xterra? Nothing. They are two different beasts. But then again this will be my 6th World Championship race on Maui and I know what I can do there. And know what to expect (usually)


Surf City Cyclery was out in force and gobbled up lots of hardware. Pic here on podium are long timers and still fast fellas Marc Hapke and Kirk Fitzek. Triathlon with some old school. And old school works. Proof is in the pudding. I mean on the podium.IMG 2879IMG 2871

Lots of waterman activities or events this summer in Oceanside. 6 of them. And we were included in all! What a blast. Surf contest. World Bodysurfing Contest held at Pier as well. 3 Brian Long open water swims with all conditions dished out differently each race.(Macking swell on Labor Day Pier onw mile) The Water warrior on the Marine base: All GREAT stuff. Fun, challenging, great vibes, even better were the military volunteers, the works.


Now we have TriEvents triathlon races coming up this Sunday @ Bonelli Park, south side. Come on out and choose you distance/race and let er rip. I am going with the Express to fine tune my anaerobic system for Xterra worlds on Maui in a few weeks. Full throttle/red line/balls to the wall effort. Then a few gnarley long and steep hill repeats which Bonelli has around to bang out for a little training as the Maui course certainly has those. My 30th year racing here and being involved with the beautiful Fulton family!!!     Come on out. race, support or volunteer. Smile 8B8C2991-DJ-OR-BW-Flat-Lo-Resand have fun!!!11960049 999707453414903 7238722531055848163 n

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And yet another swim event on the beautiful Marine Base of Camp Pendleton this past week. Speaking of beautiful: Air Tahihti was the main sponsor of the whole Water Warrior Amphibious Assault races. Many Tahitiians were in attendance. Displaying their expertise in watermanship with so many outrigger, sup and swim competitions. Along with them were off the hook beautiful Tahitian dancers. Truly a cultural experience watching them. Right smack in front of big huge military artillary.

  Jodi and competed in the Water Warrior one mile obstacle swim. What a hoot. And demanding course. A couple podium finishes for this old salt and not-as-old-salt-ette.


The 5th Annual Tiki Swim is this Sunday @ Oceanside Harbor. There are a 1.2 and 2.4 mile courses to choose from. The water is sooooo warm. Awesome courses too: 2.4 mile course starts south side of pier. Out around pier, north to the Harbor Jetty, and hang a right for about another 1/2 mile  finishing in the Marina. The 1.2 you start south of the South Jetty. The Oceanside Harbor Days Festival is going on and steps away from swim exit/finish. Great stuff.  Lifes a Beach.


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IMG 2557Holy smokes it's already Friday and we are about to depart and sit in that parking lot they call the 5 freeway to head south. Another open water swim competition tomorrow. On the Marine base again. "The Water Warrior Amphibious Assault". Fun and challenging.

    Challenging was the Pier Swim Monday. Okay I dug it but I am the furthest from a "pool" swimmer and much prefer open water/deep and bumpy. That and a HUGE swell delivered that Monday. Hats off to the Oceanside Lifeguards. I got to watch the mostly youth guards do an exceptional job assisting those in the earlier heats that got pounded by some big, very big lined up walls which were also very consistent and to add to that a huge rip current. Outstanding performance by them. Hats off to all who jumped in the water. Making the swim finish or turning back. I was way stoked with a 25 minute and change 1 mile gnarley/wetsuit-less swim. I got real lucky though and my heat did not deliver macking sets. I was able to duck dive and get outside pretty quick. Jodi placed 3rd opting to go wetsuit division for a little extra flotation. Good call and she had a great swim. Thank you Brian Long for the entry. I hope you run for Oceanside Mayor. 

Litterally off to another swim comp. Xterra World Championships entered and comitted again this year in Maui. No better training than racing. For me at anyway. Guess it's just what i love to do


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Yes. And great time it was. The World Championship of Bodysurfing came to Oceanside this year. So last week I got to experience it. Awesome. GREAT vibes these bodysurfers share. I signed up weeks ago and had to include a short bio. I guess it worked because they allowed me in. I learned a whole lot real quick. And still don't know much.  They listed the heats a week prior on line and I winced as I seen I was in the 1st heat @ 6:30 a.m.!!  Then I just happen for the hell of it google the 1st name on sheet: " Chris Lafferty"  (in red) and I stopped there. Dang. Wouldn't you know it. A past world champion and bodusurfing world traveler. I am going to get waxed........ then later to find out: A real nice guy as well as bodysurfing ripper.

 I advanced from that 1st heat into the semi's. Miraculously. These guys were doing tricks where I just tried to catch the set waves, ride as far as I could, headed for the sand, beaching myself. Get up. Repeat.IMG 0871

Those tactics only get you so far and I had much more serious talent in my semi. Another old salt, past world champ, and reknowned Hawaiian lifeguard by the name of Mark Cunningham was now in the line up as well. My chances to make finals now diminished even more. No worries though. I got to play in their playground for awhile and a great experience it was. Maybe I will even practice for the next one. Probably not.........I still prefer boaIMG 0820rd surfing..IMG 0904IMG 0824